Bhajans for Beginners CD

A beginner's guide to learning bhajans.
Do you want to learn to sing bhajans with Amma? Are you starting a new satsang and need to learn bhajans the group can sing? Do you want to support new members of your satsang in learning bhajans?

This package contains three CDs and a workbook to help familiarize you with some frequently sung bhajans (devotional songs). Using CD1 and the workbook, you will learn the pronunciation and tune of 14 bhajans. Once you learn this you can sing along with Amma, using CD2 and CD3.

CD1: Practice

CD2: Ayiye Guru Maharani, Bhavani Jai Jai, Chamundayey, Daya Karo Mata, Devi Daya Karo Ma, Durge, He Amba

CD3: Jai Ambe, Jai Ma, Namah Sivaya, Om Namah Sivaya, Radhe Govinda, Radhe Govinda Bhajo, Sambho Mahadeva.
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